Presentation of the Institute - Istituto superiore di Studi Musicali A. Toscanini di Ribera

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Presentation of the Institute

Menù area Erasmus
Presentation of
the superior school of musical studies “arturo toscanini”

The school is today a well-established, virtuous and efficient reality of the artistic musical High Education (AFAM) and includes more than 300 students coming from 35 different Sicilian towns. The institute was founded in 1991 when the brilliant idea of some politicians achieved the unanimous approval of the council of Agrigento Regional Province, that is the founder and the only one financing body. Actually it was necessary to set up a public specific school of musical education that guaranteed quality and professionalism in the territory, up to then unprovided, in order to satisfy the growing demand and the right to the classical music study. In 2003 the institute was matched to the State Academies of Music thanks to a decree of the President of the Sicilian Region and in 2009 it was included in the national system AFAM by the University and Research Ministry, after many severe verifications about the qualitative targets obtained.All this obliges the institute Arturo Toscanini to carry out didactic European courses since the Act 508/99 provides for the renewal of the musical education under the supervision of the AFAM department in the above mentioned Ministry. The school has been changed ope legis into “Musical Studies Superior Institute”(ISSM), a public body of University level, when the Ministry approved the Statute of autonomy; the academic diplomas in musical subjects of the old system have been equalled to the University degrees by the Act 268/02 as regards the participation to public competitions. In line with Lisbon Treaty and Bologna Process, the new system is exactly alike to the University courses and for this reason it follows the European system of educational credits (that may be transferred to the European countries thanks to the method of ETCS) in order to recognize the reciprocal competences and allow the students’ international mobility through suitable programmes such as the Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus. The new regulations provide for first and second level Academic Diploma courses, qualifying courses, research training courses, specialization courses or masters. Waiting for the making of Musical Liceos within the secondary school of second degree, our institute will go on activating basic learning courses according to the ministerial directions.    Among my priority objectives there are: the educational process and the artistic production taking care of the student’s artistic/professional training through performances of concerts, competitions, laboratories, masters, workshops, scholarships, together with other Conservatoires such as, for instance, the Conservatoire A. Scontrino of Trapani; the school-work continuity by the institution of conventions and agreements with other bodies (theatres, associations, territorial boards) in order to help our students to find a job and to enter the world of the artistic production; the spread of the musical culture through agreements, conventions, collaborations with the music specializing schools of the territory. Moreover several educational activities will be started up to promote a permanent and recurring training. Finally I want to highlight the excellent results of our Conservatoire. In 2014 it gained the second position in the national competition: “Conservatoires in comparison – RAI 1 Morning”; in these years many of our students have reached top positions in several national and international contests; many students, graduated or in the final year, already work in orchestras, even foreign, or work in the field of musical teaching.
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